DROBNY LAW OFFICES, INC. concentrates its practice exclusively in the areas of Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Business and Taxation. DROBNY LAW OFFICES, INC. was formed in 1989 by Mark S. Drobny, who had been practicing in these same areas of the law since 1980. DROBNY LAW OFFICES, INC.’s main office is in Sacramento, California and has satellite offices in San Ramon, Palo Alto, Stockton, Modesto and San Diego. With six Attorneys, five Paralegals and support staff , DROBNY LAW OFFICES, INC. can assist clients in handling the most basic to the most complicated matters in a timely, accurate and cost-efficient manner.

DROBNY LAW OFFICES, INC. assists in the administration of over 300 estates per year. From simple estate administration to probate to trust administration after the first or second spouse’s death, to preparation and filing of Federal Estate Tax Returns, DROBNY LAW OFFICES, INC. is most experienced in estate administration matters. Unfortunately, it is our experience that about one out of every 10 estates we assist in administering involves some level of conflict. While most of these matters are resolved without litigation, DROBNY LAW OFFICES, INC. is quite experienced in estate litigation and is prepared to assist clients should that need arise.

DROBNY LAW OFFICES, INC. assists many business clients as well, from incorporating businesses, drafting partnership agreements, creating Limited Liability Companies, family limited partnerships, buy/sell agreements, purchase or sale of businesses, real estate contracts and other transactional matters. Since earning his Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Taxation in 1981, Mr. Drobny has assisted clients in tax planning, tax litigation and tax collection matters.

Having drafted over 35,000 estate plans over the last 40 years, DROBNY LAW OFFICES, INC. attorneys bring a level of knowledge and expertise which assures any client that no matter how unique they believe their particular situation to be, it won’t be the first time DROBNY LAW OFFICES, INC. has counseled someone similarly situated.


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