Changes at Drobny Law Offices, Inc.

Dear Friends and Clients,

No doubt you’ve noticed some changes here at Drobny Law Offices, Inc – some of the personnel you’ve worked with in the past are no longer here and there’s some new names and faces here.  I wanted to address this with you.

Change is inevitable and natural.  Turnover happens and brings new ideas, new energy and in my experience, an even higher level of quality.

An attorney who had been here for seven (7) years had to move to the Bay Area for family reasons.  Two (2) other attorneys who made lateral moves from the Bay Area decided to return to the Bay Area.

Some attorneys do not want to practice law the same way I do: paying attention to detail, rapid turn-around time and keeping fees reasonable.  Only superstars need to apply.  The workplace is changing to accommodate a new generation whose priorities are different than their predecessors.  Some of those ideas work well at Apple, Google or Facebook, but not in a law firm.  I am not willing to change the way I practice law to accommodate some of those attorneys’ demands for change.  I am here to accommodate the needs of my clients and referral sources, not the needs of new attorney hires.  I am old school, I admit it.

With that said, I have completed the transformation and growth of Drobny Law Offices, Inc. as I begin my 39th year of as an attorney and approach Drobny Law Offices, Inc.’s 30th anniversary.  This firm will continue to be here to service our clients’ needs as they arise.  I’ve completed a state wide search for the best and brightest experienced attorneys I could find, each bringing a specific skill set and area of focus to create an effective and balanced team to address all of our clients’ estate planning, estate administration, probate, conservatorship, business and tax needs.  Let me introduce my new team:

  • Terri L. Easlon joined the firm in 2017 after working five (5) years for another estate planning firm in the Sacramento area.  Before attending law school, Terri was a Paralegal for twenty-one (21) years.  She attended University of Oregon for undergraduate and Lincoln Law School for her law degree;
  • Kellie M.T. Chrisman joined the firm in November 2017 after working for four (4) years with an estate planning / estate administration / business transactions firm in the Los Angeles area.  Kellie is a native Northern Californian, and she and her husband are happy to return to friends and family in Northern California.  Kellie attended UCLA for undergraduate and Loyola Law School for her law degree;
  • Anastasia B. Salmon joined the firm in March 2018 after spending the last three (3) years handling estate and probate litigation matters for another longtime Sacramento attorney.  She attended University of Nevada, Reno for undergraduate and University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law for her law degree;
  • Anne E. Rosenthal joined the firm on August 1, 2018 after working five (5) years with an estate planning / estate administration firm in the Sacramento area focusing on estate planning for high net worth clients.  She attended The American University in Washington, D.C. for undergraduate and The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law for her law degree; and,
  • G. Kevin Lachona has just joined the firm after working five (5) years with an estate planning / estate administration firm in San Francisco.  He attended University of California, Riverside for undergraduate and Golden Gate University School of Law for his law degree, as well as his Master of Laws (LL.M) in Taxation.

More detailed biographies can be found here.

To dispel any ongoing rumors of my possible retirement, that is not happening.  I am a young 64-years old in excellent physical condition for my age and I love my work.  I look forward to each day when I can help new or longtime clients through the loss of a loved one or plan their estates and build their businesses.  I was just married in June to an amazing woman who retired last July and has no desire to see me home all day disrupting her peace and tranquility.  We will be taking nice vacations quarter annually, but otherwise, I will be here to address my clients’ needs.

I may slow down to a 40-hour work week when I turn seventy (70) and transition to focusing entirely on taking care of my existing clients and allowing this dynamic new team of attorneys to take care of our new clients.

One part of our business that has not changed is our core team of superstar paralegals and staff:

  • Michelle Glenn is beginning her 11th year here as my Personal Assistant, Paralegal and recently added Chief Operating Officer to her busy life here at Drobny Law Offices, Inc. before heading home each day to be super mom to her twin 7-year olds and super wife to her husband;
  • Michelle Ruiz has been our Probate / Estate Administration Paralegal for five (5) years.  Michelle assists our clients with administering estates, probate and conservatorships.  If I had to describe Michelle Ruiz’s work ethic and product in one word, it would be: phenomenal.  Michelle is on the go all day long assisting our clients, multi-tasking and coordinating necessary items for court;
  • Regina Herrera has been our Transfer Specialist Paralegal for five (5) years and is one-half (½) of our Transfer Specialist Team assisting our clients with the funding of their Trusts when their Trusts are created.  Regina also assists with drafting Estate Plans from start to finish.  Regina’s wonderful personality makes our clients feel comfortable and at ease when handling such important documents;
  • Christopher Corcoran started out at Drobny Law Offices, Inc. in 2012 as a member of our Client Support Team.  Upon graduation from Paralegal School in 2017, Chris became the other one-half (½) of our Transfer Specialist Team assisting our clients with the funding of their Trusts when their Trusts are created.  Chris’ attention to detail and ability to connect with clients is unmatched and those are extremely important qualities to have in this position here; and,
  • Linda Moua also started out at Drobny Law Offices, Inc. as a member of our Client Support Team in 2013.  Linda quickly proved herself and her abilities and is now an Administrative Assistant to the Associate Attorneys.  Linda also assists our clients with any ongoing funding matters that may arise.  Linda can be found multi-tasking all day long between answering client phone calls, entering calendaring items and preparing necessary funding documents.

Joelle Vera, Elisa Bruhn, Alicia Marrufo and Deborah Clark are relatively new team members of our Client Support Team and they bring a new level of energy, enthusiasm and attention to detail.

I thank you for the opportunity to have been of service to my clients the last 39-years and look forward to many more years of doing so.  If you ever have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at



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